Patient Instructions

Please see below for instructions which should be followed to support your participation in your care. Please follow any additional instructions given by your physician.

Before Your Arrival

• Your physician’s office will schedule your procedure with our facility.
• Please notify your provider office immediately if you develop any cold or flu-like symptoms,
have an infection and are put on any antibiotics, or have recently been admitted to a
hospital for any reason.
• Approximately one to three weeks before your procedure, you will receive a text and/or an
email with a secure link instructing you to complete an online health history. Your online
health history is required and assists our anesthesiologist to plan your care. This can be
completed on a computer, tablet or cellphone. You will receive daily reminders to do so until
it is complete.
• If you do not have access to the internet, please call our pre-procedure nurse who will help
you over the phone, 989-495-9100.
• Please call 989-495-9100 after 1:00pm the day before your scheduled procedure date to
obtain your arrival time.
• If this required questionnaire is not completed within two business days prior to your
appointment, your procedure may be cancelled.

Colonoscopy/EGD Patients:

• Procedure Prep – Follow instructions regarding your physician’s clear liquid diet and prep
(If you have any questions regarding your prep instructions, please contact the physician’s
office for clarification.)
• You can have clear liquids only, until 4 hours prior to your assigned arrival time. After that,
nothing by mouth.
• Please notify the Surgery Center ASAP if:
• You cannot see through to the bottom of the toilet after you have finished the
entire prep.
• You were unable to complete or vomited during the prep.

Non-Colonoscopy Patients:

• Nothing by mouth (including gum and candy) after midnight the night before your
procedure. (This is in case your physician needs to move up your procedure to an earlier

All Patients:

• Blood Thinning Medications:
• If you have not been instructed by your physician or physician’s office related to blood
thinning medications, either prescribed or over the counter, please contact your
physician’s office for instructions.
• Examples of these medications may include but are not limited to:
• Aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, coumadin, etc.
• NSAIDS: (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs):
• If you have not been instructed by your physician or physician’s office related to
NSAIDS. (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Naproxen, Aleve, Advil, etc.) please contact your
physician’s office for instructions.
• Medications used for Diabetes and/or Weight Loss:
• Some medications are used to treat diabetes or to support weight loss and need to be
stopped at least one week prior to your procedure. Please call 989-495-9100 and ask
for a pre-procedural nurse to verify if your medication needs to be stopped or if your
procedure date needs to be postponed.
• Do not take AM Insulin prior to procedure; bring insulin and a syringe with you.
• Do not consume alcohol, marijuana or tobacco products for 24 hours prior to your
• You may take the following medications the morning of the procedure with a small sip of
• Prescription pain medications
• Antianxiety medications
• Antidepressants
• High Blood Pressure medications
• Heart Medications
• Inhalers
• Seizure medications
• It is very important that you shower the night before or morning of your procedure. Do not
apply lotions or powders to your skin. Do not wear makeup. In order to help prevent
surgical site infections, do not shave the procedure site for 2 days prior to your surgical
• Remove all jewelry, including any and all body piercings. Leave all valuables at home.
• Bring a case for your eyeglasses or hearing aids.
• If you wear contact lenses, please remove before coming to facility or bring in case to
remove them.
• Bring a complete medication list that includes dosage information.
• Space is limited in the waiting room. Please limit your responsible party to two.
• Have a responsible adult (18 years or older) available to listen to discharge instructions and
drive you home.
• Photo ID and insurance card will be REQUIRED at registration or your procedure may be

Patients Who are Minors:

• Those under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance throughout
their entire stay.

The Day of Your Procedure

  • • You will be brought back to the preoperative area and a nurse will perform an assessment of
    your health history and current health status, vital signs, review all medications and prepare
    you for the procedure as necessary.
    • Anesthesia will:
    • Interview you if you are receiving anesthesia.
    • Your physician or physician delegate will:
    • Greet you, mark your surgical site if needed, and be available to answer any questions
    you may have.
    • Your driver will be able to leave for approximately 30 minutes when you’re taken back to
    the preoperative area or choose to wait in our lobby. The receptionist will ask them to
    provide their contact information so we can send text message updates of your
    procedural progress during your visit.

After Your Procedure

  • You will be transferred to the recovery area.
  • Patients receiving anesthesia will be monitored. When you are ready your driver/family member will be called to join you.
  • A drink and snack will be provided.
  • Discharge instructions will be reviewed with you and your driver/family member by your post-op nurse with your permission.
  • Your IV will be removed prior to discharge.
  • Any necessary prescriptions will be given to you to take to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Should you feel unwell after returning home from your procedure, please contact your physician’s office.
  • We will follow up with you by telephone after your procedure to support your recovery.

Billing Information

• You can expect to receive multiple bills related to your procedure. These may include, but
are not limited to:
o Physician (individual fees)
o Anesthesia (individual fees)
o Laboratory (if applicable testing fees)
o Great Lakes Bay Surgery and Endoscopy Center (facility fees)